Monday, October 11, 2010

Bill Longworth talks tax cutting at Mayoral Debate

Oshawa This Week Coverage of a recent mayor's debate where Bill Longworth responds to a video question about his tax cutting plans as the only Mayoral Candidate calling for tax cuts.  Louise Parkes calls for "zero based budgeting" which are simply meaningless buzz words that say nothing.  They have about as much meaning as her well-publicized call for 5% politician's salary rollbacks.  City council total salary is about $500,000 so a 5% cut back means a total tax savings of $25,000 or about $1 per household.   I will call a spade a spade and will not try to fool you with meaningless buzzwords.  Her concern for fair taxes indicated on her signs?  Louise Parkes took a 54% salary and expense spending increase in the first three years of her current term, her high expense and blackberry expenses were in "Outer Space" compared to her council peers, and she made a pitch for a bigger expense budget to cover her travel expenses....Fair taxes?  Oh Yeah!  Don't put any money on that bet!

John Henry portrays himself as being careful with taxpayer's money but he was the person who introduced the "HEALTH BENEFITS FOR LIFE PLAN" for retiring and defeated politicians.  While he claims there is no cost to this, when the same plan was introduced at the Region, senior officials said they didn't recommend going down John Henry's Benefits for Life road because of the cost consequences to ratepayers.  Henry also claims to have not cost the taxpayers a dime with expenses but in fact he has been taken the $100 per week car allowance ($5200 annually) which he has used to fuel his company truck.  If Henry does not believe in political entitlements at the taxpayer's expense, why these two entitlements....He's no different than the others!